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ITEM: Neck Warmer


YARN: 100% acrylic (vegan)


COLOR: Brown, carmel, tan, off-white


SIZE: Hand-knit neckwarmer, one size fits many people.  Due to the nature of a knit pattern, it will stretch with the size and shape of your body.   For reference, the adult in the product photo has a 13" neck circumference, and a 22" head circumference. 


WEARING: I've had many requests to make something like these, and after a few versions I'm pretty happy with the final product. They're pretty versitile and can be worn a few different ways: around the neck, pulled up over the face, as a hat with a “pony-tail hole”, and folded over as a double-thick headband/earwarmer.


DESIGN: Each hand-knit item is unique; no matter how hard I try, I am human and hand-knitting each piece allows for slight variations every time I pick up the knitting needles.  I make up new patterns on the fly to keep it fun and interesting while I knit them.

Neck Warmer #20

  • ALL SALES ARE FINAL.   Each knit item is unique; no matter how hard